27 novembro 2006

Campanhas (deliberadamente) contraproducentes

Interessante este editorial do New York Times:

"Philip Morris has adopted the role of good citizen these days. Its Web site brims with information on the dangers of smoking, and it has mounted a campaign of television spots that urge parents, oh so earnestly, to warn their children against smoking. (...) in practice, it turns out, these industry-run campaigns are notably ineffective and possibly even a sham. New research shows that the ads aimed at youths had no discernible effect in discouraging smoking and that the ads currently aimed at parents may be counterproductive.(...) Using sophisticated analytical techniques, the researchers concluded that the ads aimed directly at young people had no beneficial effect, while those aimed at parents were actually harmful to young people apt to see them, especially older teenagers. The greater the teenagers’ potential exposure to the ads, the stronger their intention to smoke and the greater their likelihood of having smoked in the past 30 days".



At 27 novembro, 2006 21:40, Anonymous Anónimo said...

Sinceramente, esperas demais daqueles que enfrentam o esforço de passar por aqui e de lerem meia dúzia de frases alinhadas.
As sinapses começam a entrar em sobreaquecimento.
Tudo o que passe de "cadernos" para cima significa um esforço intelectual ciclópico para cujo andamento não estão preparados.
Ou não estão interessados.

At 29 novembro, 2006 08:56, Anonymous Anónimo said...

cada um que fale por si...


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